About Us

RTLR is a group of friends that came together to fill a need. Comprised of members who have extensive experience in the wilderness, backcountry, and sea survival, we have come together to design and manufacture products to challenge the need for innovation in the urban flood space.

Having been through natural disasters ourselves, we hold a deep passion for quality, which is exuded in our products, and our brand yields strength when dawned on any home or business. We believe any home or business owner will feel a new level of comfort when our system is incorporated into their disaster plan and or preparedness for rising waters.  Providing efficient evacuation systems for residential, commercial, and institutional applications. We even make a system for coastal remote work camps!

We at RTLR believe in one thing, and that’s saving lives. RTLR’s  Patented ARK is designed to do just that.

Founding of the company

Founded in 2016, Rooftop Liferafts started as an idea amongst six friends and through a passion to save lives and the determination to make a difference in the urban flood environment the vision has turned into a reality. After years of Research and Development, the team secured patent from the USPTO for the ARK system and the first official Automatic Raft Kit was sold for use.
Now offering a complete commercial range onto of the residential options, with up to a 151 person single raft capacities, the vision continues to grow as the company expands and thrives to be one of the leaders in Urban flood and disaster safety and technology.

Our Vision

"To save lives, while perpetually enhancing the relationship between man's urbanism, and mother natures will."

~ Robert Chaney – Founder and CEO of Rooftop Liferafts

For Rooftop Liferafts systems to become and remain an industry standard whilst a household name simultaneously. We aim to have ARK systems specified in all coastal area(s), eventually becoming as common as a smoke detector or fire alarm.