RTLR™️ Flood Aversion System

High quality manufacturing of urban lifesaving systems for any threat of rising waters.

With a proprietary system, Rooftop Liferafts brings your family/employees quick deployment or "cognitive offloading" when disaster strikes. Coast Guard approved for 4 up to 151 person CO2 deployed urban raft systems for flood and tsunami aversion.

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ARK Automatic Raft Kit

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Easily Inflatable

Co2 deployed with double buoyancy chambers.

Fast Deployment

Extremely fast deployment when disaster strikes using cognitive offloading features.

Tons of Upgrades

Optional onboard GPS/H20 proof binoculars/additional PFD’s, dry bags and other upgrades.

USCG Approved

USCG approved rafts with government specified emergency equipment onboard.

Enough Seats For Your Entire Family

Ark kit comes in 4, 6, and 8 human systems.

Custom Kits Available

Larger custom kits available for industrial/commercial applications where several students or employees need to flee to higher ground.

Comes With All The Gear You Need

All ARK kits come with oars, boarding ladder, floating rescue ring with 100’ line, Sea anchor with 100’ of tow line, patch/repair kit, bailer, S&R signals hand to air signals, mirror, and more.


Weight 71 lbs (4 person family)



Handcrafted aluminum deployment system with “CO” cognitive offloading features for a variety of emergency’s or natural disasters.


Optional powder coating finish in any color.

Easy Concealment

Custom wrap kit for easy concealment, or accentuation on any building.


Weight 61 lbs (4 person family)


Introducing ARK - The Best Damn Life Raft Ever.

RTLR brings urban flood protection to a whole new level with its ARK life raft system.  Easily mounted to any building’s exterior cladding, your life-saving ARK is ‘good to go’ when waters rise rapidly. In the event of an emergency, a survival ready 4, 6, 8, or even 10 person life raft is quickly deployed with either a fob actuation or a static release. 

Once onboard, passengers will find the necessary survival tools to withstand the elements, head for safety, and call for assistance while staying safe until help arrives. ARK comes standard with GPS tracking and other essential items to keep your family safe, with available options for a ‘fully-loaded’ customized life raft.